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CRF Events
CRF 2000 Events Calendar
We're planning four events this year:  Three "members only" fun-fly events and the traditional Hy Haggett Memorial Fly Inn and Swap Meet.  Please feel free to contact me concerning the events schedule for 2000.  I would be eager to hear your comments, and suggestions.  Let me know what types of events you would like to participate in, so that we can best serve the membership.  My home phone number is 770-346-9926.

Event List Updated 4/12/2000

CRF Club Events

   Spring Clean Work Day - Saturday  April 29, 2000 8:00am - noon:
8 a.m. to noon. No flying during this time. Lunch served at noon for all workers.
Tasks: General upkeep of clubhouse, flight pads, runway, clean-out, throw away junk, etc.

   Member Only Fun Fly - Sunday June 25, 2000 9:00am - noon:
The second fun fly is scheduled for June 25 and will be an aerobatics event.

   Member Only Fun Fly - July 16, 2000:
The third fun fly is scheduled for July 16 and will be a combat event. More
details later.

   4th Annual Hy Haggett Memorial Fly-In & Swap Meet
The Hy Haggett Memorial Fly Inn and Swap Meet is scheduled forAugust 19.  
This publicized event is open to all AMA members and attracts some
extraordinary aircraft.  Casual flying and socializing are the order of the
day.  The only competition is a "beauty contest" for best looking military
and civilian fixed wing as well as best helo.

Other Area R/C Events

   Douglas County Aeromodlers R/C Swap Meet
April 15, 2000
9:00am  - 3:00pm
Deerlick Park Gymnasium
2105 Mack Road
Douglasville, Georgia
Free Admission
Tables $10.00
To Reserve a table call Eddie Dubransk 770-949-1454

Past CRF Club Events

   Member Only Fun Fly - Sunday April 9, 2000:
The first fun fly is scheduled for Sunday April 9 and will be a traditional
fun fly with the following events:

Novice class
Round #1:  Climb and glide. Climb as a high as you can for 30 seconds, then
glide down for max duration.
Round #2:  Solo race. Complete as many four-sided rectangular patterns as
possible in two minute time span.
Round#3:  Limbo. Fly under a streamer."How low can you go"?

Sportsman class
Round #1: "Carrier Landings".  Precision takeoffs/landings.
Round #2:  Limbo.  "How low can you go"?
Round #3:  Death Spin.  Fly as high as you care...spin down as far as you