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CRF News 

What's New at CRF?

7/10/2001 - UPDATE:

- The end of an era, the field officially closes this weekend with a blowout bash on Saturday 7/14.

12/25/2000 - UPDATE:

- Added some pictures from Pat Roddy to the CRF Photo Album

- Deleted the Classified Ads page and created an eGroups page.

- Updated and added to the R/C Links Page.

12/24/2000 - Updated R/C Links Section - Added Red's Battery Clinic link.  Cleaned up some of the old frames.

8/27/2000 - Mailing address Update - The address to mail all membership applications to has changed:  Please mail to:

PO Box 81684
Atlanta, GA 30341

7/10/2000 - Special CRF Club Meeting 7/15/2000 9:30 at the Field - This meeting is to discuss the current situation at the field.  Please attend.

7/1/2000 - John Mueller Steps down as CRF President - Due to the recent situation and the actions of a few club members John Mueller has resigned his position as CRF Club President.  Mark Hall will be the new President.  Please join me in congratulating Mark and working with him for the future of CRF.

6/13/2000 - Web site changes.... - Converted the website to be a Front Page 2000 site.  I apologize for any broken things in advance.

Updated FunFly info from Dave Hassler.  See events page.

5/14/2000 - Web site changes... - Added CRF eGroups link to homepage, updated events, updated 2000 scrapbook with some new pics from David Roberts.  Also inserted cleaned up CRF Bipe logo from Jason Morrow.

4/17/2000 - Web site changes..... - Added Club Roster to members section.    

3/28/2000 - Web site changes.... - Added April 22, 2000 Spring cleanup event and a CRF Members section coming soon.

3/26/2000 - Web site changes.... - Added a guest book link and a link that allows people to refer our site to others.  Added a page counter to keep track of our site traffic (sorry about the ads, but it is at the bottom and free). Also fixed the Misc. Photos page so the picture captions stay under the pictures.  By the way if you have more pictures please email them to me so I can update the site.

3/25/2000 - R/C Web Links Updated - I updated our R/C Web links page to include National Hobby and several area R/C Clubs.  Hopefully other clubs will add links to our site on their web pages.  I think all Atlanta area clubs should join together and support each other.

3/24/2000 - Added link to The Weather Channel - Weather Channel magnet shows current weather for Cumming, GA and a link to The Weather Channel for more information and forecast.

3/22/2000 - Added Classified Ads Page.-  Classified ads page to allow club members to sell R/C related items

3/20/2000 - Events Calendar Updated for 2000.- Dave Hassler our events director has provided the updated events schedule for 2000.  Check out the CRF Events Calendar page for more info.

3/19/2000 - New Web Site - This is our new Y2K website for CRF, at our new location (  

NOTE: To stop the pop-up add just minimize it while you are surfing on our site.  This is part of having a site on tripod.

Last Updated: 7/10/2001