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About CRF

Brief History of CRF / Contact Us

CRF was started about 1992 when Don Urch our fearless lost leader had a vision. He leased the land that Tommy of Tommy's hobbies fame had originally started a flying field known as RC Acres. After Tommy's death the land became overgrown and forgotten. Don heard about the land and had a vision of a great R/C complex. After many months of hard work and $250,000 CRF was born.

CRF Club Officers

President - Mark Hall 
Phone - 

Vice President - Open

Events Director - Dave Hasler
Phone - 770-346-9926

Secretary - Pete Wilcox

Treasurer - Steve Rowan
Phone - 770-945-5776

Cheif Instructor - Pat Roddy
Phone 770-932-8913

Updated 12/25/2000