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CRF 2000 Photo Scrapbook

CRF Misc. Photos   |   Photos - 2nd Annual Spring Fling Fun Fly   |   2000 Scrapbook

If you have some to contribute send them to us.

Red Schofield, a Floridian, braves the snows to fly his Zagi at CRF.

Pat Roddy hamming it up with Red on a chilly but beautiful winter morning at CRF with Red.

CRF's newest member James Campbell.  James doesn't let a little snow stop him from flying.  Mark Hall looks on.

It's "Wheeless" John Mueller.  Good landing John.

Great Bipe!!!
Very nice Advance 40!!!
This time John is trying for a 3 point landing.
Burt has another successful flight.


Bandit, Bandit at 12:00 o'clock.

Updated 12/25/2000